NYT Blog: Organic Meat and Milk Higher in Healthful Fatty Acids

Wanted to share this NYT post (Organic Meat and Milk Higher in Healthful Fatty Acids) about some new research regarding nutrients found in organic meat & milk vs. conventionally raised products.

Yes, thoughtful sourcing of meat & dairy does matter when it comes to nutrient density! We know this and this is why the meat and dairy products used in SFRAW products and what you will find for sale at SFRAW, meet higher standards and can be very different than your average grocery or meat market.

To learn more about how we carefully consider every ingredient we use and sell at SFRAW, check out the SFRAW Rating System. Put in place many years ago, this is how we determine, review and consider new vendors/suppliers and ingredients that we use and make available for you at SFRAW.

Sensitive animals (dogs/cats) do respond differently to meat & dairy raised in different ways (conventional vs organic vs truly pastured). I only wish they had distinguished between

 organic and truly pastured and/or grass-finished because there is a tremendous difference between these ranching methods and, I can only imagine, the nutrient profiles of the food produced through them.

Also, to consider: what breed of animals are they raising — heritage breeds or modern industrialized breeds? Then, there are distinguishing methods used at slaughter (is it humane/stress-free) and after slaughter — (air-chilled, dry-aged, non-irradiated and non-pasteurized, etc.)

We carefully consider all of this when we source meat and dairy products for SFRAW and I wonder how all of these different methods and influences compare when you consider the nutritional analysis and composition of the meat & dairy by the time it is consumed…?

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Best Wishes for the Best Health Possible,