Register Now: Naturally Safe Seminar: Raw Feeding Safely | Natural First Aid Sunday, NOV 20th (new date) at 9 AM – 12 PM

Naturally Safe Seminar: Raw Feeding Safely | Natural First Aid  Sunday, November 20th (new date) at 9 AM – 12 PM Space is limited (12 participants). Cost for the seminar includes one SFRAW Basic Natural first Aid kits for each participants (FREE); a limited supply of additional kits will be available to purchase for a fee. Location: San Francisco Raw Feeders (SFRAW) 250 Napoleon St, Unit G, San Francisco, California 94124 SFRAW’s founder, Kasie Maxwell, will present part one of this workshop. She will review the following topics about common safety concerns and issues with feeding a fresh foods diet: 1) basic safe food handling techniques for meat/poultry and other common fresh feeding ingredients; sourcing for safety and wholesomeness 2) what’s toxic to dogs & cats – list of foods and ingredients to avoid 3) how to select and prepare the best foods and cuts (bones/meat) for different dogs/cats that will minimize or eliminate risks associated with feeding prey mod el raw or

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Register Now! SFRAW’s 2nd Raw Feeding Workshop for Puppies 🐶 🐾 | Sunday 8/14 9:00am – 11:30am

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: SUNDAY MORNING WORKSHOP “Big or small, we feed them all!” RAW FEEDING WORKSHOP FOR PUPPIES A Hands-on Workshop on Preparing Raw Meals & Nutrition for Your Puppy’s First Year DATE: SUNDAY August 14th, 2016 TIME: 9:00AM-11:30AM REGISTER & PURCHASE TICKETS HERE DESCRIPTION: Your puppy’s first year is a critical period of development that will significantly influence and determine the outcome of their mental, behavioral and physical health for the rest of their lives. During this crucial first year, the nutrition, handling, and rearing choices that you make will have a lasting outcome. The first part of this workshop will provide a brief overview of basic Natural Rearing principles and suggestions for setting your puppy up for success from a holistic perspective. The second part of our workshop provides a hands-on experience where we show you how to put together a sample menu/diet and provide ideal nutrition for your puppy from weaning through the first 12-months of age. While making food, we

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New SFRAW Masters: Mentoring & Apprenticeship Program

  The SFRAW Masters Mentoring & Apprenticeship Program promotes and develops two fundamental goals of the SFRAW Mission:     To cultivate a compassionate and informed community that educate, inspire, and support one another;     To mentor through education about feeding whole fresh food diets to pets and Natural Rearing principles. SFRAW Master Mentors are select members that have been involved with SFRAW for many years, and have been following a well-respected published diet program or Kasie/SFRAW’s guidelines for meals/diet program for at least 5-years, or have proven equivalent education, knowledge, and experience that puts them into this exclusive position for providing mentoring and guidance to other SFRAW members with less experience/knowledge. Apprentices are fellow SFRAW members that are new to raw feeding and have an interest in learning more about how to make food for their animals at home, and are willing and able to assist the Mentors in preparing and packaging Mentor’s diets at SFRAW. Our Masters

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Register for Our Spring & Summer 2014 Classes & Workshops Now

Please go here to register for our 2014 classes and workshops in advance: We request all attendees to pre-register for every class they’d like to attend, even the free classes, so we can prepare for how many people will be there and make the most of our time spent with our participants.  You can pre-register up to 12-hours before the class time. Thank you! Below are photos from last year’s classes. Hope to see you at one (or more) of our educational events this year! In preparation for the FREE Introduction to Feeding Raw to Cats event this Sunday, please enjoy this tidbit about taurine in the feline diet: You may have heard just how vitally important the amino acid TAURINE is in the feline diet. While animal protein generally contains adequate taurine levels for cats when served fresh and raw, you may not know that cooking, grinding, freezing and long-term storage all diminish the viability of taurine in fresh foods and absorption of this vital nutrient may be inhibited

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Our 2014 Order & Pick-up Calendar PLUS Spring & Summer Workshops & Classes Schedule Now Available!

2014 Member Ordering & Pick-up Calendar Finally! With apologies for taking so long to get this updated, the 2014 order & delivery/pick-up schedule for our members is now posted to the website here. Download this PDF version to post/keep as a reminder of when to order & when to pick-up. 2014 Spring & Summer Workshops & Classes We have also organized our upcoming schedule for our Spring & Summer workshops & classes – registration will be available in the next few days for the first series of classes. Please be sure to register in advance as space does fill-up fast (well, at least this is true for the canine classes — based on engagement last year, we will need more support for the kitty classes & workshops, so please, let are your “cat people” know about our offerings to support these educational events we so enjoy doing!)

Top 10 Herbs for Dogs: Slippery Elm Bark

Last night we held our first class about the use of herbs at SFRAW: Top 10 Herbs for Dogs. It was a great success and a lot of fun! I had a wonderful time talking about some of my most favorite herbs, and everyone gathered around to watch while I prepared an incredibly delicious smelling healing salve. Students took home samples of this special blend I prepared just for their class. Participants will also revieve a document I wrote that profiles all 10 herbs featured for this class. I decided to share one of these profiles with our blog followers as well. Enjoy! Kasie   Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva) Slippery elm is a large, deciduous tree native to North America; the inner bark is used for herbal and nutritional applications. Considered one of the most valuable remedies in herbal practice, this wonderfully strengthening and healing herb has been used for centuries for everything from a highly nutritional, restorative food to treating skin conditions to

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