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Please go here to register for our 2014 classes and workshops in advance: We request all attendees to pre-register for every class they’d like to attend, even the free classes, so we can prepare for how many people will be there and make the most of our time spent with our participants.  You can pre-register up to 12-hours before the class time. Thank you! Below are photos from last year’s classes. Hope to see you at one (or more) of our educational events this year! In preparation for the FREE Introduction to Feeding Raw to Cats event this Sunday, please enjoy this tidbit about taurine in the feline diet: You may have heard just how vitally important the amino acid TAURINE is in the feline diet. While animal protein generally contains adequate taurine levels for cats when served fresh and raw, you may not know that cooking, grinding, freezing and long-term storage all diminish the viability of taurine in fresh foods and absorption of this vital nutrient may be inhibited

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Peaceable Raw Feeding Home

SFRAW Member, Jan Sarvis, shared these images of her household with us recently: “My kits love variety, and often snoop around looking in the rest of the kitchen.  Generally, they get wonderful meat from wonderful SFRAW,  and I mix it with ‘My Natural Cat’.  They scarf it up.  But sometimes, one of them will sidle up to Banjo’s plate (he is one of my dogs and quite remarkable, really) and help themselves if they fancy what he is eating instead, or in addition to.  Especially different kinds of alluring meats, and they LOVE chicken. Here are a couple of pictures for your pleasure.”