Founded in 2003 by Kasie Maxwell Grujcic (dedicated to DIY Raw Feeding and 100% Naturally Rearing dogs, cats, turtles & birds since 1988), SFRAW is a member supported San Francisco Bay Area based buyer’s group with a retail outlet for people seeking out high-quality, wholesome fresh foods for themselves and their carnivore animals.

SFRAW manufactures our own line of truly exceptional, “no compromises” 100% wholefood raw pet foods, dehydrated treats, wholefood supplements and herbal remedies (Apothecary by SFRAW) from our own CDFA licensed raw pet food manufacturing establishment.

Our Mission:  Every day we procure an astounding variety of extremely high-quality meats, bones, prepared foods, pre-mixes, books, and supplements at direct from producer prices for our members. Seasonal products include: pastured eggs, pastured goat milk/whey/kefir, hyperlocal raw honey + certified organic produce. As much as possible, we buy from small local family farms that practice humane-farming, organic, sustainable, regenerative, pastured/soil-centric, carbon sequestering farming methods. We look for the best deals, but will not purchase factory-farmed/CAFO products.

Products: SFRAW prepared raw pet foods, treats and supplements are our most popular offering with fresh batches of raw pet foods prepared daily. We also sell an incredible selection of fresh & frozen wholesome, wild, organic & pasture-raised ingredients for DIY feeders to make fresh (raw or cooked) foods at home. We have a well-curated selection of natural lifestyle supplies/cleaning products, local natural foods, snacks and drinks for humans; organic/pastured/grass-finished raw meats, bones, organs, pastured goat milk, pastured eggs, and high quality supplements for the whole family.

Membership: Annual Membership Fee with no minimum purchase requirements. SFRAW Member Code of Conduct that all members are required to follow.  Each weekend, we help members organize volunteer served order pickups outside of San Francisco (rendezvous at a specific location & specific time): San Rafael, Emeryville/Richmond, and San Jose.

Our warehouse shop is ‘open to the public’ for sales to members and non-members 7-days/week:

Sundays through Thursdays 12-5pm; Fridays 9am-7pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm

SFRAW 250 Napoleon Street, UNIT G, SF, CA 94124 (415) 225-0589 http://www.sfraw.com