Founded in 2003, SFRAW is a member supported San Francisco Bay Area based buyer’s group for people looking for high-quality, wholesome fresh foods for themselves and their pets.

Our Mission:  Every month we procure a wide variety of extremely high quality meats, bones, prepared foods, pre-mixes, books, and supplements at direct from producer prices for our members. Seasonal products include: pastured eggs, pastured goat milk/whey/kefir + hand-crafted goat milk cheeses. As much as possible, we buy from local family farms that practice humane-farming, organic, sustainable, pastured farming methods. We look for the best deals, but will not purchase factory-farmed animal products to save money.

Products: Fresh, wholesome ingredients to make fresh (raw or cooked) foods at home and natural lifestyle supplies; organic/pastured/grass-finished raw meats, bones, organs, pastured goat milk, pastured eggs, and high quality supplements; pet food products including EcoPawz, Hare-Today, RAWR, The Honest Kitchen, GreenTripe — many more!

Membership: There are several membership levels available; no minimum purchase requirements. There is an annual volunteer requirement of 8-hours of service per year, and our group has a basic Code of Conduct that all members must follow.  We have several order pickup locations for members: San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Mendocino, San Rafael, Fairfax, Corte Madera, Berkeley, Oakland, Pittsburg, and San Jose.

Our warehouse is ‘open to the public’ for sales to members and non-members 7 days/week on Sundays through Wednesdays 12-5p; Thursdays and Fridays 9a-7p, Saturdays 9a-5p!

SFRAW 250 Napoleon Street, UNIT G, SF, CA 94124 (415) 225-0589 http://www.sfraw.com