Rad Cat Turkey & Chicken Product Change & Our Position on HPP

Pascalization, bridgmanization, or high pressure processing (HPP),[1] is a method of preserving and sterilizing food, in which a product is processed under very high pressure, leading to the inactivation of certain microorganisms and enzymes in the food.[2]  To learn more about HPP, we recommend reviewing this article on the subject by Wikipedia here.


Disappointed to learn, as of this month/Feb 2016, Rad Cat is now HPP-ing their poultry (chicken & turkey) flavors. We have discontinued the sale of these flavors due to this change. We will continue to sell their beef, lamb and venison flavors – which remain wholesome and unadulterated/are not HPP. We very much appreciate Rad Cat’s honesty and transparency in announcing this change to their processing and product handling.

SFRAW only sells wholesome, unadulterated, non-denatured (with the exception of the addition of ground fresh raw bone) and minimally (ground/frozen or traditional methods of fermentation or dehydration only) or un-processed whole foods & will never sell products that have been irradiated, microwaved, pasteurized, or high pressure pasteurized.

So far, only one container has the HPP information on it, and we will be returning this to our distributor. The remaining Rad Cat chicken & turkey inventory that we have on the shelves now is the last that we will sell.

To learn more about our stance on HPP, check out the following links. We concur with these assessments and have the same concerns against HPP foods. We stand firm on our position that HPP is it not safe and it is our opinion that HPP foods can no longer be considered “raw”, fresh or wholesome:

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HPP (and irradiation with more than just poultry/all meats) is a controversial topic amongst raw feeders but has, unfortunately, become common practice for almost all poultry products sold as “raw” pet foods & treats in the USA. Apparently, the industry concerns over common bacteria found in poultry outweighs a commitment to producing genuinely raw, unadulterated products. It’s too bad. But this is just so common now…most of the big companies are now on the HPP bandwagon and it is one of the reasons why we don’t sell many commercial pet products.

As a food purist and yes, an idealist, I personally just don’t think HPP is safe. I think that, like hydrogenation/transfats, pasteurizationirradiation, and other modern food processing technologies, we will eventually learn just how damaging HPP really is to the health of our animals (and us!), I’m pretty confident about that hunch…so you’ll find no HPP foods at SFRAW.

BACTERIAL/MICROBIAL CONERNS: If you have an animal that is immune compromised and considered at very high-risk for bacterial/microbial infection, we recommend and fully support the switch to a home-cooked diet. We are more than happy to make recommendations on how to do this safely and properly. It is our position that the loving preparation of home-cooked meals for your animals using high-quality, truly pastured/organic, fresh, wholesome ingredients is going to be much more health promoting and healing diet than any product adulterated by modern food processing techniques.