*Update* Rad Cat Closed after Recalls: SFRAW Suggestions (yes, we have venison…and elk, and alpaca, and wild boar, and much more…)

shut downWith the recent Rad Cat recall, and eventual closure on Oct 15, 2018, we experienced an increase in calls/messages from worried and stressed out kitty parents seeking immediate alternatives for their cats’ next meals – especially those unable to tolerate many common proteins, or that have been stable on venison.

First: with this week’s news about the closure, we want to take a moment to express our disappointment over this sad outcome. We sold Rad Cat for many years (we purchased directly from them when they first started!) because they offered a high-quality prepared raw cat food option for our members. We discontinued carrying their HPP products when they started implementing this kill-step process, but continued to carry their beef, lamb and venison – at least until this year’s recalls.

We know, firsthand, just how incredibly difficult it can be to start, operate, own and manage a small, independent food business – particularly when your standards are high in a niche market and to do so on our own, without start-up capital, investors or funding. Common small business operating challenges are made far more difficult due to the struggles inherent to businesses in the food industry. It takes incredible dedication and a fierce commitment to keep these businesses afloat, and the necessary workload demands to accomplish this on a daily basis is tremendous.  Most people have no idea – but we do – and so we post this with sympathy for the owners, staff, and customers of Rad Cat.


Thankfully, for those that live in the greater Bay Area, SFRAW offers a wide variety of options available to meet your cat’s nutritional needs: and, yes, we DO have venison! We also have elk & alpaca, too — which have both proven to be HUGE hits for most cats and are, generally, very well tolerated, too.

We have a variety of “easy to feed” options available in various formats: from complete whole prey to our prepared whole animal Grinds to ground boneless meat & stew meat, which you can use to make meals for your kitty at home mixing just a few things together, including:

elk, alpaca, goat, bison, pork, beef, lamb, turkey, rabbit, quail (whole), pheasant (whole), guinea hen (whole), duck, wild chicken/poussin, squab, ostrich, camel, wild boar, bison, alligator.

Our selection of whole prey includes: large & small rabbit, mice, chicks and quail.

Don’t fret — we have much of this in stock right now and we’re open 7-days/week. Yes, most of our shoppers are current members but we are open to the public every day. We charge an additional 30% on the listed member prices at checkout to non-members; you may shop as long as you’d need/want as a non-member, and join any time to start getting the listed/discounted member pricing.


We quickly prepared this little shopping list & “recipe”/meal planning guide which can assist you in making selections and preparing meals for your cat when picking up food/ingredients at SFRAW.

This includes how to DIY using important/not to be skipped elements of the diet to ensure that you’re feeding a safe and healthy menu/diet.

Next time you come in, please ask for a print out of the below guide! We’d be happy to make a copy of this for your personal reference & meal planning.

Yes, we also have SFRAW fully prepared meal options in wild truly pasture-raised heritage chicken, bio-dynamic pasture-raised heritage duck, truly pasture raised heritage turkey, grass-finished antique beef, pasture-raised local lamb, pasture-raised heritage pork, local rabbit – plus seasonal pheasant and goose (we don’t make a SFRAW venison flavor currently) – see below…


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