SFRAW Recommends: List of Current “Must See/Read” Media Resources for Raw Feeding & Natural Rearing

Note: we will be updating our Amazon list and this list periodically, but this is a good start….enjoy!

No matter what you are currently feeding your animals – everyone should start by or take time to watch Pet Fooled, which provides an easy to understand, very basic general overview of the biggest issues…

We have complied an Amazon list for books and videos we highly recommend – the list includes books on nutrition and Natural Rearing, but also topics that we consider being important in consideration of, “sfraw’s aspects of a healthy pet lifestyle“.

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The below online Raw Feeding Guides provide good basic information on raw feeding to get you started:



Easy to follow, FREE online transition guides and calculators. for both dogs & cats.

Outstanding resource for your dog nutrition questions and current topics in the raw feeding community, as well as Natural Rearing information is Dogs Naturally Magazine website and Dogs Naturally University (you can even become certified through their excellent programs!)



A GREAT, oldie but goodie, website to read about/dispel the most common MYTHS associated with Raw Feeding dogs & cats can be found here.


The Raw Feeding Community’s beginner’s guide is a great place to start!





A straightforward and easy to follow guide to switching to Prey Model Raw can be found here.

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This Raw Fed Dogs website has a great getting started section/guide! 


This older Raw Fed Dogs website shows photo examples of how people have been successfully feeding Prey Model Raw diets to their dogs:

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A great resource for feline raw feeding and nutrition is the Feline Nutrition and Education Foundation – they have lots of different guides to get you started and learn more!


The Raw Fed Cats website has free information and an e-guide available for downloading – great information to get started feeding your cats raw!


If you are open minded enough to learn about caring for your animals using a natural, holistic approach (and we strongly encourage you to consider more than just nutrition for truly healthy animals), go here:

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Click on the option to “Join the Pack” (free) and proceed to watch this excellent video series on how to raise “wildly healthy, naturally disease-resistant animals by applying age-old principles that honor Mother Nature” (yes, this is, indeed, possible!)

If you want to learn more, enroll in one of his other courses (tuition based). Dr. Falconer has a wonderful program similar to what I have been practicing since 1989 to enjoy healthy, disease-free animals that very rarely (some never!) require allopathic veterinary care.


Dr. Jeannie Thomason, a pioneer in the field of animal naturopathy and a natural rearing dog breeder of over 27 years, brings you decades of knowledge and experience for the beginner and long time breeder alike. 

We recommend Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs the Way nature Intended by Dr. Jeannie Thomason, VND (it is not available on Amazon — otherwise, it would be on the Amazon list! We are working on making it available for purchase at SFRAW):




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