Impressive Fecal Analysis/Microbiome Results for a Raw Fed Kitty


We’re HUGE supporters of the fascinating research being done on the microbiome and also very excited by the promise of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) treatments for dogs & cats with autoimmune disease and chronic GI conditions.

Several of our members are now participating by involving their dogs and cats as fecal donors. We think this is a wonderful way to help other animals and encourage SFRAW members to get involved if you can!

So far, 100% of the extensive screening tests done for each member’s animals (feeding SFRAW foods!) have come back with outstanding results!  This supports our position that raw fed animals can and do enjoy a very healthy bacterial balance. Further, it is our position that raw fed animals do not necessarily pose an increased risk for dangerous bacterial shedding or infection for their human families, or to those they are in close contact with.

It is very encouraging to see what we know and have experienced for so many years supported by such outstanding testing and research! 

One of our members, was gracious enough to forward her own kitty’s information to us so that we can share it with those interested. Thank you, Diana!

If you live in the San Francisco East Bay, and would like to apply for your healthy raw fed/Naturally Reared dog or cat to participate as a fecal donor so they can help other animals, or have a sick animal that you think may be helped by FMT, please consider the truly outstanding AnimalBiome program – located right here in Oakland, CA!

Below, you will find the supporting test results for her raw fed kitty, Bella — I hope you find this as interesting as we do!

Hi Kasie,

Attached, please find Bella’s pathogen test. She’s almost 2 years old (May 12), female Siamese Seal Point, neutered, minimal vaccinations, and has been eating raw since she’s been with me August 2017.

For the initial donor screening test, Bella tested 100% negative for an extensive number of pathogens, according to the well-respected laboratory services provided by the Real-time PCR Research and Diagnostics Core Facility at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Here are her results:

Screenshot 2018-06-20 15.59.54

The second level testing was completed by the researchers at AnimalBiome. They looked at her fecal microbiome.  First, they extract the DNA from all the bacteria in the sample provided, then sequence and analyze this information to create useful informational reports. The bacterial make-up of her gut was compared to the results they have for other cats in a database of samples. They also provide their expert interpretation of these results, which is incredibly helpful to better understand what these tests indicate for your kitty’s health status. You can order the very same cool test through AnimalBiome here.  Yes, you can order a test for your dog, too! 

Below, please find Bella’s AnimalBiome test results:

Bell's sample results
Click on this image to read the full report of Bell’s gut microbiome analysis.

Click here for the full report: Bella_KDQW6E_report.pdf

Alex Martin (AnimalBiome)

Jun 13, 11:59 MST

Hi Diana,

I’m attaching a report with Bella’s results. <snip> Her microbiome looks like a classic raw-fed kitty. You will see that her Fusobacterium level is quite a bit higher than average, but this is normal for a raw-fed cat because Fusobacterium does better in high-protein environments. Not only do raw-fed cats tend to get more protein, but the protein that they do get is higher in bioavailability.

She also has very low levels of Prevotella, which do best in high-carbohydrate environments. Obviously Bella isn’t getting very much in the way of carbs, so this is to be expected 🙂 When a cat is eating a lower-quality food with lots of potatoes/rice/peas/etc, sometimes their Prevotella level shoots up and it seems to be strongly correlated with diarrhea and digestive distress in general.

You are welcome to peruse the report at your leisure and of course let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for your (and Bella’s!) continued support.

Talk soon,



2 thoughts on “Impressive Fecal Analysis/Microbiome Results for a Raw Fed Kitty

  1. Hi Kasie, thanks for posting this. AnimalBiome analyzes all of the donors periodically so they’ll probably take test Bella’s poop in another month or so and send me another report, which of course I’ll share. So glad my Bella is able to help other kitties who aren’t as healthy as she is – she does berms from the sofa up the wall behind it, lols. AnimalBiome just started dispensing Bella’s donor supplements at the end of May. It will probably be about 1-2.5 months before they have results from their clients and I’ll share them with you for the tribe.

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