“The Right Start” Finding a True Natural Rearing Breeder & the latest NR Breeders Association Spotlight: Crystal Hannah (friend of SFRAW!)

Looking for an incredible dog that was raised with standards that far exceed “responsible”?  The NR Breeder Spotlight promotes exceptional NR Breeders. We’re very pleased to see our friend, Crystal Hannah, GDAB Great Danes & Ibizan Hounds (Texas) featured.


FYI: Crystal happens to have three absolutely gorgeous, balanced, healthy (mind & body), beautifully raised and handled with NR methods & Puppy Culture protocol Ibizan Hound puppies available currently to the right raw feeding home – inquires welcome! We would be ever so pleased to have a SFRAW member bring one of these puppies into their loving family and to be part of our community.

We cannot recommend Crystal and her dogs highly enough! Please inquire with Crystal directly to be considered. Want to learn more about Ibizan Hounds? There is a lot of information about the breed on the IHCUS website.


Crystal Hannah with her stunning 2016 litter of NR/Puppy Culture raised Ibizan Hound puppies – thanks to all the hard work, love and care she has put into this litter, these are truly exceptional dogs!

What’s Natural Rearing?  To learn more about Natural Rearing, please visit the NR Breeders Association website. Their Code of Ethics outline the outstanding standards being set by NR Breeders around the globe…

New Report: Just this month, Dr. Will Falconer, DVM of Vital Animal | The Natural Path posted results of his independent research to confirm Natural Rearing breeders that are genuine; unwavering to their commitment to true NR Breeding standards.  Yes, of course, our own Crystal Hannah made the grade!  You can choose to download a full report to find an exceptional breeder or your next dog through his website.

Real Prevention Starts Before Your Pup is Conceived. When you really want to get the best start with a puppy, and your long term plans include her living to a ripe, healthy old age with you, you’re wise to start early by finding a Natural Rearing breeder.

Trouble is, when you set out to find one, you quickly learn anyone can use that term. And not be anything like what you’d think they should be, by definition. My research staff found only one in six to be the real deal. Find out in my latest report how to ask the right questions.

 – Dr. Will Falconer, Vital Animal

Since 1989/90, the founder of SFRAW, Kasie Maxwell, has practiced 100% Natural Rearing protocols with all the rescues and many animals under her care with incredibly rewarding, inspiring results — even elder animals switched over to this method at the end stage of life benefit immensely from the NR approach. Over the years, she has become a strong advocate for Natural Rearing principles, and a more recent fan of the Puppy Culture protocol to produce healthy, stable, happy, balanced individuals of both mind & body.

While Raw Feeding will provide a wonderful foundation for improved health, there are a number of aspects to your animal’s lifestyle and environment that can have dramatic influence on their health, immunity and longevity. In 2005, Kasie put together a review of her own standards for providing this level of care, SFRAW’s Aspects of a Healthy Pet Lifestyle (see below):

SFRAW’s Aspects of a Healthy Pet Lifestyle

While a healthy, whole foods diet is the foundation for overall health, there are several very important aspects to consider when looking at the lifestyle of your pet. A whole foods diet, combined with a healthy lifestyle, will help prevent of disease and foster true wellness. Below you can find our list of what we feel are the critical aspects of a healthy pet’s lifestyle:

  • Pure, Clean Water
  • Fresh, Whole Foods Diet
  • Daily Exercise, Play, Mental Stimulation, and Social Contact
  • Safe, Regular Exposure to the Outdoors (Earth/Flora/Nature/Sunshine)
  • Uncontaminated, Fresh Air
  • Avoiding Toxins and Chemicals
  • Love, Patience, and Gentle Handling
  • Behavior/Training: Thoughtful Management and Setting Them Up To Succeed
  • “Do No Harm” When Treating Health Imbalances
  • Celebrating (and allowing them to safely express) Their Innate/Natural Behaviors
  • Adequate, Uninterrupted Restful Sleep in a Warm, Dry, Comfortable Space
  • Minimize Stress: Generally Feeling Safe and Relaxed
  • Peaceful Home Environment
  • Regular Grooming
  • Clean Bedding, Home, and Garden

We hope this information helps to guide and inform you on your journey to providing the very best possible life and care for your beloved companions/friends/family members, so that they are provided every opportunity to live, long, healthy, happy lives – free from disease or discomfort.

Wish wishes for wellness and vitality to you and each of your beloved family members!

Briar has been 100% Naturally Reared since being found/adopted at 4.5 weeks of age. He is now 10 years YOUNG (seems like a 2 year old cat!) and enjoys outstanding health (zero issues, concerns or vet visits so far! 100% flea/parasite free, no illness or disease).

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