Register Now for FREE Workshop: Three Strategies to Avoid Mishap and Maximize the Health of Your Furry Family Members presented by SFRAW Guest Speaker, Rachel Augusta 8/28 9:00am-11:30am

Three Strategies to Avoid Mishap and Maximize the Health of Your Furry Family Members presented by Rachel Augusta
DATE & TIME: Sunday, August 28th 9:00-11:30am
LOCATION: SFRAW, 250 Napoleon Street, Unit G, SF, CA 94124


In this workshop presented by visiting healer, Ranchel Augusta, you will learn:
– Vital tools to prevent and combat cancer
– How to overcome emotional trauma and PTSD
– Useful Tips to help you maneuver through natural disasters and other emergencies


PRIVATE SESSIONS: Rachel is available for private sessions on August 24th, 27th and 28th. Sessions are $125.00. Rachel is visiting the SF Bay Area from Minnesota to conduct sessions and to present this workshop at SFRAW.

BIO: Rachel Augusta, the founder of The Gutsy Grackle is a Minnesota resident who works with all animals (humans included!) to bring health and happiness to the body through energy work, coaching and mentoring. Her coaching and healing practice focuses on physical and emotional trauma, disease, illness, injury and preventative wellness. Rachel also assists animals that are transitioning and are in hospice care. Rachel is a contracted employee of Hazelden Betty Ford Centers and works with humans who are on a path to sobriety and need assistance in fighting depression through their transition. Rachel is a licensed and insured Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Healing Touch (humans) practitioner, Reiki Master and teacher, coach, mentor and motivational speaker.

In 2013 Rachel became a vegan and animal rights activist, further deepening her bond with non-human animals. She’s an active volunteer for various animal, environmental and human rights groups and serves on the board of the Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary.

Rachel has always been interested in energy work and various modalities of healing the body and mind. After her beloved 18 year old furry family member, Holly, was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, she decided to become an energetic therapist to support Holly into her senior years. Rachel quickly noticed that this was a gift she wanted to share with others and founded The Gutsy Grackle to begin working with non-human animals and a year later opened her practice up to humans as well.

Rachel Augusta
Motivational Speaker, Healing Touch for Animals/Healing Touch (humans) Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, The Gutsy Grackle
612-298-9305 | TheGutsyGrackle @ |


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