Basic Questions Answered + New In-Store Check-Out/Inventory System & Website: Coming Soon!


A: Our website (originally created by Kasie c. 2003 – hey, it’s an antique!) is, frankly, ridiculous. We’re in the process of switching over to a new Point-of-Sale system (in-store check-out/register, inventory & member management) that will communicate with a decently designed, new & greatly improved eCommerce website.

The new website will be modern/feature-rich & will work great on mobile devices, but in the interim…here’s some basic information that will, hopefully, answer your questions:

13256183_10153545994446669_8304362180661014082_n 1937389_10153348841736669_327012067773078676_nQ: WHERE CAN I FIND OUT WHAT YOU SELL & HOW MUCH THINGS COST?

A: The best way to see what we typically have available in stock at the warehouse (keep in mind, this changes every week and is NOT everything that we sell or offer to our members) is to join our public newsletter list by going to and subscribing here.

Our newsletter is where Kasie posts the week’s inventory and prices EVERY WEDNESDAY.

Please take a moment to click on the link below this subscribe box on the front page (or here) to view an archive of past newsletters where you will be able to review/download PDFs of past/recent inventory and pricing.

Keep in mind these lists are just the “tip of the iceburg” for what we actually offer our members; it is limited to just the stock at hand at that moment and/or on order for the warehouse any given week.

If there are staples you are buying now, or items you are looking to find- please feel free to send us a list of these things for a price/availability check. We are happy to provide you with current prices and availability for specific items you need.

The FULL product pricelist is extensive (over 2,000 SKUs) and we will eagerly custom order practically anything for our members from our large number of suppliers & producers. This service is, however, only available to current SFRAW members. We truly enjoy placing custom orders for our members – just ask!

We keep our shopping cart area of our website secure; it is only available to members that have paid the membership fee & completed a volunteer shift.


A: No, you do not need to be a member to shop at the SFRAW warehouse location in San Francisco! We’re open 7-days every week to EVERYONE (yes, that means YOU!), and we welcome you to simply drop in any time:

Thursday 9am-7pm                                          

Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday through Wednesday 12-5pm


  • MEMBERS pay the listed (already discounted) member prices for all products in the warehouse, which is a 30% discount. Members shop at the discounted price; are eligible to have products held/reserved for them; to place orders over the phone/email/web plus other benefits like free mentoring & delivery outside SF.
  • NON-MEMBERS are welcome to shop from available inventory at the warehouse, but are charged an additional 30% fee upon checkout. Non-members must come in to shop from what we have in stock at that time – we do not hold/reserve or custom order products for non-members.

We encourage people interested in SFRAW to shop at the warehouse first as non-members a few times before making a decision to join the group. Most people quickly join SFRAW as it makes financial sense after a few shopping trips to become a member and get the 30% discount.


A: To join SFRAW, there are four easy steps – this can be done online or in person:

1) subscribe to our email list, which is a Yahoo Group (how we communicate with everyone)

2) fill out a form

3) pay the fee (renews annually on the date that you join – non-refundable/no prorating)



At this point, before volunteering, you can get the discounted membership rate and just walk-in to shop from available inventory 7-days a week. You are also eligible for our FREE SFRAW Masters Mentoring program and various educational opportunities.



To place custom orders through the full catalog, have items held/reserved for you from available inventory, and (for those that live outside of SF) to qualify for FREE volunteer based delivery to various hosted pick-up locations, you need to first complete a 4-hour shift of volunteering towards your 8-hours/year volunteer requirement.

SFRAW members immediately enjoy several key benefits when they join (steps 1 through 3):

– 30% off regular retail prices

– FREE Mentoring and educational events

After volunteering (the final, 4th step), members qualify for additional benefits such as:

– Ability to place holds/reserves on products from our available inventory at-hand

– Pre-order from our full catalog of products that we sell for custom ordering of whatever you need

– FREE delivery of your CUSTOM ORDER (order whatever you’d like – no minimums, etc.) to locations throughout Northern CA with other member’s orders getting delivered by volunteers to hosted pick-up locations once per month (requires ordering according to our order/pick-up schedule for these deliveries).

Lastly, for SFRAW members, we also offer door-to-door delivery service done by us for you. There is no minimum and you can order whatever you need. The cost is $25 + $1/mile to any location in the greater SF Bay Area.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your patience while we get the new systems in place.  Please, come visit any time – we look forward to meeting you and supporting you and your animals! Let us know if you have any other questions.