New Local Producer: Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit (registered organic prey model quail, quail eggs & rabbit)

Gefion Gamebird quail eggs are ideally purchased with quail egg scissors ($2.50/ea). Quail eggs have thin – very beautiful – shells, and a thick inner membrane, so cracking them without quail egg scissors often results in a crushed egg rather than an intact egg yolk/white. We sell these nifty little scissors at the register!

We’re VERY excited to get our very first delivery of locally produced, registered organic, humanely handled and carefully cared for quail & quail eggs from our very own member, Shay Williams operating as Gefion Gamebird & Rabbits (registered organic by the CDFA!)

Below please find what we have available for this first delivery (more to come – including rabbits in the future!) with SFRAW member prices (walk-in/non-members are welcome to purchase anything we sell in store for 30% over listed price):

Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit Quail Eggs – doz $5.88 EA
Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit Quail Large, 5/PK $33.25 EA
Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit Quail Medium, 5/pk $28.00 EA
Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit Quail Small, 5/PK $24.50 EA


Exceptional husbandry, outstanding care has been put into every bag of prey model feeders and dozen of beautiful eggs; these quail and rabbits are meticulously produced by one of our own! We are so excited and proud to be her first account! @sfraw #buylocal #buygmofree #buyorganic #preymodelraw #gamebirdsforhealth #quaileggsforall #quaileggsaresupernutrientdense

We have the small, medium and large quail in stock — quail egg scissors and will get a fresh/restock delivery of the already SOLD OUT quail eggs this week.

More about this wonderful SFRAW member/producer:

Shanna (Shay) Williams has been an animal lover and advocate since childhood and has been a caretaker for feathered, hooved, scaled and furry creatures great and small. Shay was a wildlife rehabilitator for a number of years and discovered Cotournix quail as a wonderful food source while rehabilitating raptors.
Shay started breeding quail and rabbits at her small suburban farm to feed her family and pets, believing the most respectful way to eat meat is to care for it yourself. Shay began feeding her dogs a raw diet in 2015.
Shay’s rabbits are a medium heritage breed of Champagne d’Argent and a larger breed, New Zealand Red. She breeds Cotournix quail for meat and fresh eggs.
All of Shay’s animals are fed a 100% organic feed from Modesto Milling, supplemented with fresh vegetables, greens and grasses and never require hormones or antibiotics. The farm has received its Certificate of Organic Registration issued through the CA Department of Food and Agriculture. Shay follows PETA’s guidelines for painless and humane processing of her animals.
Shay Williams, San Mateo, CA

We have a lot to share with you about the unique qualities of quail & quail eggs, including:

  1. Quail & quail eggs are considered suitable and safe for those with chicken allergies/food intolerances – quail is a great alternative!
  2. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, quail eggs and quail are both considered neutral proteins (energetically); a perfect balance between yin/yang and suitable for all animals. Quail meat is known to tonify qi, check diarrhea, strengthen the tendons and bones. The TCM properties of quail are: sweet, neutral; meridians entered include large intestine, spleen, lung, kidney, liver and heart.quail4lunch
  3. Their small size (both the eggs & the quail) makes them ideal for easy supplementing & feeding to all of your animals, but especially nice for your small dogs & cats regular meals. Five quail eggs equal approximately one single chicken egg, so you can add a quail egg to your littles’ meals as a nice variety and nutrition boost to their regular diet without altering/adjusting their regular meals. Alternatively, a whole quail is the perfect complete/balanced meal for any prey model cat or dog; and Shay has delivered quail of various sizes so you can get just the right meal size for your animal. Yes, they eat it ALL – even the feathers! Learn more about the benefits of this feeding style here.
  4. When compared to chicken eggs, quail eggs have 2% more protein and 5 times higher iron content. One quail egg contains six times more vitamin B1 and 15 times more vitamin B2 than a chicken egg. They are a good source of easy to assimilate protein and also contain vitamins D and B12, selenium, choline, folate, panthothenic acid, and phosphorus, as well.
  5. Quail eggs have a higher yolk to white ratio than chicken eggs – so they are slightly richer in the beneficial fats and minerals found in yolks; nutrients that support a healthy skin/coat and immune system.
  6. Interestingly, unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs do not carry the risk of salmonella due to an increased amount of lysozyme; lysozyme kills harmful bacteria. The body temperature of quail are higher than that of chickens, another reason why they don’t contain common harmful bacteria.
  7. Followers of TCM Food Therapy (Traditional Chinese Medicine) suggest eating three to five quail eggs each morning to promote a strong immune system and improve metabolism.
  8. A home remedy for stomach aches is to consume raw quail eggs with warm water as a medicinal drink. Next time you or your animal are suffering from tummy troubles, try it out!
  9. Quail eggs may help to speed up recuperation after a blood stroke and are known for having a medicinal action on the heart by maintaining strong cardiac muscles.
  10. Some have experienced the healing of ulcers and gastritis after taking quail eggs; others believe that these little eggs can help to prevent cancer growth and treat diabetes.
  11. In TCM, quail is used to counter diarrhea caused by spleen deficiency, whooping cough, rheumatic arthritis, infantile malnutrition. In the TCM context, it is recommended to avoid eating quail along with pork while addressing specific energetic imbalances in the body.

While some of these claims are not supported by scientific research yet, traditional/time-honored/folk concepts, knowledge, methods and ideas about medicinal actions specific whole foods can have on the body/our health often do end up being confirmed or explained by science after all. We are not in the position to make health claims; we are simply providing suggestions and information passed on through time. We encourage you to consider quail and quail eggs a beneficial and fun/novel wholesome and healthy food that you can include in the diet.

Wondering how to prepare quail eggs for your family to enjoy? Check out these recipe ideas and a nice “paleo” salad option here. (note: these recipes include ingredients, such as onions, we do not suggest for dogs/cats due to toxicity — however, your dog/cat family members will probably love and best enjoy the eggs simply served to them raw or soft-boiled!)

Enjoy in the best possible health!

Awww — check out this sweet video of a dog trying quail egg for the first time: