Member Profiles: True’s Turnaround + inspirational updates from members with the same issue/on our Custom Meal & suggested protocols!

We are absolutely over-the-moon to receive this outstanding, totally inspirational update from a wonderful member, Dianne Morey, about her beloved Bearded Collie superstar, True. I am just so happy that True responded so beautifully to his Custom Meals, and is doing so great with the change to his diet and the addition of a few supplements.

What an inspiration True is! Also — wow — Dianne’s images are simply stunning.


Enjoy! We hope you are as uplifted and inspired as we are to hear this happy and hopeful news.

Our 16 1/2 year old best dog ever True was diagnosed with renal failure in January at his semi annual check up (we try to do blood work 2-3 times for our dogs when they get to be about 13). His past values had been excellent and the new bloodwork showed a dramatic change in his creatine and bun levels and lowered protein levels. We did films for cancer, urine tests and took him off of metacam and started him on adequen injections for his joint pain. I struggled with getting his diet right for awhile and he wasn’t doing well at all, his levels were worse at his recheck 3 weeks later. 🙁 Then I found out from my wonderful friend Erika that our local raw pet food co-op San Francisco Raw Feeders (SFRAW) makes custom meals raw for dogs. I put him on it immediately. 2 months later all of his levels are back in normal range. I cannot possibly thank the gorgeous and brilliant Kasie Maxwell enough for her help, guidance, the great food she makes and for the community she has built. I’m also feeding him tripe (available st SFRAW) and giving him the renal essentials supplements from Vetriscience and I try to make sure he’s getting filtered water as much as possible. And I have activated charcoal tablets for when he’s being naughty at the beach and eating things like the feet off of a dead raccoon OMG or a dead baby shark OMG. He’s looking really good these days. True 4 Ever ‪#‎olddogsrule‬

Oh my goodness, right??!!! What a very happy, inspirational story his is! We are just beyond touched by Dianne’s kind words; and absolutely thrilled that he’s responded so well and is doing so great! <3 We are humbled and honored to be a part of Team True!
The truth is, True is not the only dog we have had such incredible recovery and response with our custom meals with this very condition. Read below…


Bea RiceMy senior Bichon, George, was diagnosed with renal failure in March of this year, his blood levels were high. We started him on CRF by SF Raw and tripe after Erika told us about it. His blood levels are greatly improved and are heading to normal range. He is doing great!” We are so happy t hear how George continued to do well and make improvements despite the incredible difficulties he has endured.  Go George! 


Long-time member and friend, Ananda Fong, has plans for her sweet, dear little Indian street dog rescue, Snoopy to live to be 30 years of age since her full & complete turn-around after going on our CRF Custom Meals, GreenTripe, our suggested renal supplement protocol, in addition to other holistic therapies that have completely transformed this senior back to 100% health/normal test results for several years now! Snoopy is doing absolutely wonderfully, seems half her age and her lab tests are all within normal range — YAY! Go Snoopy – we know you can make it to 30!!! You’re doing great; you have proven to be an incredibly resilient and courageous spirit in the face of so many challenges throughout your lifetime (cancer, infection, abuse/neglect). Hers is a wonderful story of transformation by the rescue, love and care provided by your person. Well done, Ananda!
DC Wildwings Shameless
Long-time member and dear friend, Lynn Sandor’s record breaking, ALL STAR German Wirehaired Pointer superstar celebrity dog, Gus, another one of our favorite SFRAW thriving seniors, experienced an alarming sudden change in his renal function over a year ago; we were all very concerned about dear Gus because he really wasn’t feeling well. But, thankfully, we were able to quickly return his health and chemistry values back to normal by simply implementing changes to his diet (our Custom CRF Diet) alone. He is feeling much better now! Gus is an incredible dog and we are honored to have him (and his equally amazing person) as SFRAW members. As an elder gentleman, Gus is doing very well. His renal issues have completely resolved with changes to his diet alone. Amazing! So inspiring! Go GUS!
We decided to share some of these stories with our Blog followers with the hopes that if you are facing health challenges with your dog or cat, we want you to know there may be hope for your dear animal to feel better, even when things seem quite dire! We are happy to help in any way that we can by working with you, your animal (under the direct care of your holistic veterinarian) to provide dietary suggestions/foods and herbal or natural supplements that may make your pet feel better and hopefully enjoy many more good days ahead.