Healthy Fat: Hand-Crafted Tallow/Leaf Lard from Truly Pastured Beef $9/jar

We recently received over 30 pounds of fresh, raw beef kidney fat (“leaf lard”) from BN Ranch. It was pretty impressive looking – large strips of buttery colored fat attached to some bits of kidney, gristle and connective tissue.

Because this fat was harvested from cattle raised freely on wild local grass/pasture for the entirety of their lives, it provides multiple health benefits for people & animals including:

  • excellent source of omega-3 fat; with an omega fat ratio similar to fish oil. Omega-3 (specifically the linolenic acid) is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce the risk of type II diabetes, thyroid disorders, obesity, heart disease, and some cancers.
  • good source of Vitamin E & A, beta carotene, and vitamin D; powerful antioxidants that have numerous protective health qualities throughout the body.
  • a great source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is protective against heart disease and cancers, including breast cancer.

While dogs and cats will benefit from eating this fat in it’s raw form (simply add a little piece to each meal, include in the diet like a fish oil supplement); most people will find using the fat in a rendered format much easier. Beef tallow is an especially safe/healthful fat for use in high heat cooking like frying. Traditionally it is one of the best fats for use in baking pastries, and is wonderful in any sort of savory pie. It is particularly good to add to sautéed greens and for frying anything at all.

The lard you find in stores has been processed and not only lacks the benefits found in pastured beef fats, but has also been made toxic and damaging by the handling used to refine the fat into lard. When pastured beef fat is rendered in the traditional manner, it is a healthy and beneficial fat.


We spent the weekend dry rendering & jarring nearly all 30 pounds. It was a fun project and the rendered fat came out just perfectly/beautiful; clear, creamy off-white/light yellow with no floating particles.

We now have TRADITIONALLY RENDERED, TRULY PASTURED BEEF TALLOW/LEAF LARD available for sale in glass 8-oz wide mouth jars for $9/each.

Traditionally Rendered, Truly Pastured Beef Tallow/Leaf Lard
Traditionally Rendered, Truly Pastured Beef Tallow/Leaf Lard

How to use this healthful fat: Add small amounts to your animals’ meals as a beneficial fat supplement (like fish oil) or use it for cooking & baking at home.

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