NEW Supplier: BN Ranch Truly Pastured, Local Meats (Bolinas, CA)

Some of you may have heard that we’ve recently established a relationship with a new supplier: BN Ranch.

BN Ranch is Bill Niman’s new fully pastured meat company located in Bolinas, CA.

First, we want to take a moment to extend a sincere “thank you” and much gratitude to our friend, strategic partner and mentor/guide, Jonathan Lewis of Pastoral Plate for facilitating and supporting this amazing connection. Thank you, Jonathan – you are wonderful!

BNlogoFor those of you unfamiliar with the name, Bill Niman was the founder of Niman Ranch. Bill is the visionary and idealist behind the brand that had a tremendous influence on how animals were being raised for food in the US. Bill Niman demanded an ethical, humane, sustainable departure from the cruel, harmful, industrialized food system that was (and continues to be) the industry standard of modern ranching. He is no longer associated with that business, to remain true to his ideals (read more about his departure from Niman Ranch here).

With BN Ranch, Bill has returned to ranching with an uncompromised vision to operate an ethical, environmentally sound ranch while producing truly sustainable, totally pastured & exceptionally high quality meats. From conception/field to table/consumption, every aspect is conducted with the utmost care and concern – I have been utterly impressed thus far with the attention to detail and quality of these products. We’re working closely with Bill on a program to incorporate his meats into our SFRAW branded products (treats & meals) as well as have his products available for sale to our members & customers.

This is a very exciting development for SFRAW! Bill’s experience & expertise in the industry is stellar; and his products reflect his undeniable commitment to quality. Thanks to Jonathan, I had the chance to spend the day at his ranch and home in Bolinas a few weeks ago, and since then, we’ve just started to bring in his products for sale here at SFRAW. He hand-delivered the first batch last week (& we quickly sold out) and today we got our second delivery –  nearly a full pallet of products priced to move quickly this week.

I can tell you, the quality of these products are just absolutely incredible. I’d love to hear feedback on how they work for you & your animals. We’re now using his beef in our Beef & Pumpkin Patties and Beef Jerky and they have been, hands-down, the best batches of these products we’ve made. Be sure to try these treats out with your beef loving dogs and cats! We have plenty in stock and are making more this week.

We are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to work with a true legend and pioneer in the sustainable meat industry. What he’s doing at BN Ranch in Bolinas is absolutely wonderful. If you feed beef or turkey, you should absolutely try out these meats!

To learn more about his program at BN Ranch – check out his website: EAT LIKE IT MATTERS! 🙂 We love this motto!

Check out what we have available from BN Ranch this week (turkey & beef) below. Prices listed here are SFRAW member prices; non-members can shop at the warehouse for these products, too but will be charged 30% more at check-out.

Turkeys roaming free at BN Ranch during our farm tour visit.
Turkeys roaming free at BN Ranch during our farm tour visit.

1) Fully Pastured Broad-Breasted Whole Turkeys for just $2.70/lb. (DISCOUNTED! Regularly $4.05/lb)

Broad Breasted Turkey: These are TRULY pastured, entirely free-roaming/flying, never medicated, only supplemented with a GMO-free all-natural feed. The broad breasted turkey takes much less time to mature and is a good bird for lovers of white meat. It’s raised locally (Bolinas, CA) according to carefully pastured poultry standards. “B” birds are whole birds (no heads or feet attached, but with gibs included) are smaller/irregular shaped or sized birds for a very discounted price. They just don’t meet their size or shape standards. Nothing wrong with them, perfectly safe to eat (people, dogs, cats)! Some are missing a wing or are irregularly shaped, others are just small — great prey model meal for dogs and cats, or make for your family and share/give certain parts to your pets. Beautifully packaged as a single bird in a nice clean box; vacuum sealed with gibs packed into the cavity.

FRESH & Absolutely Gorgeous Truly Pastured Beef:

2) PET FOOD Grind – first “test run” available at a one-time DISCOUNTED price of just $1.35/lb. This is a screaming deal for this exceptional product!!! Limited supply available. FRESH, not frozen. The reason why we’re offering this grind for this extraordinarily low price is the fat % is higher than we had expected and this test run did not contain liver. Future batches should contain liver & will be lower in fat. This is a grind of 30-35% fat, muscle meat and 5% kidney. Packed into 5 and 10-lb. bags.

3) Ground Beef:

Regular 25% fat $4.45/lb.

Lean 20% fat $5.33/lb.

Super Lean 5% fat $6.10/lb.

Packed into 5-lb. and 10-lb. packs.  This is the very same beef being used in the burgers voted “Best of SF” recently at Kronner Burger ( The taste is spectacular! Enjoy.

4) Cross Cut Shanks for $4.75/lb.

Incredible bone-in osso buco steaks, 2” thick/high cut. This would be a wonderful, supervised jaw-working, teeth cleaning meaty meal for a small dog that would end with a recreational chew bone for dessert. Beneficial & nutritious marrow is included. This particular cut may not be safe, however, for medium to large dogs unless you removed the meat off of the bone to feed – which you can easily do. These bones could then be used to make a highly nutritious broth.

5) Boneless Beef Trim $4.05/lb.

Beautiful, fresh packs of lean beef trim; nice big hunks of muscle meat, excellent for any & all dogs & cats.

6) Very Meaty Beef Neck Bones $4.05/lb.

Small sized bulk cases approx.10-12-lbs each

7) Beef Kidney Fat/Leaf Lard $1.35/lb.

Calling all WAPF, paleo-diet, Nourishing Traditions eaters/devotees, gourmet foodies and skilled pastry chefs – this is for you! Dog & cats can also benefit from incorporating this into their diet if they need additional nutrition, calories and fat – leaf lard/tallow is very nutritious, has cancer fighting properties, and helps to promote luxurious, shiny, healthy fur/skin.

For those wanting to know more about how to use this highly nutritious, beneficial traditional food, check out these links:

These products are not yet in our online shopping cart, but we are happy to take orders via email and over the phone. For SFRAW members, we can deliver to you along with your regular order this month – just inquire so we can make arrangements to do so.

Enjoy!!! As you can tell from the glowing tone of this post, we’re very excited about this beautiful new venture with Bill Niman and BN Ranch – we hope this association will benefit you and your entire family.


Kasie Maxwell Founder/Owner, SFRAW

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