Dog lovers, please share & attend an Important Local Meeting on Monday 8/5/19 in San Mateo! Be sure to Support Coastside DOG & Sign/Share the Petition!

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Having adequate off-leash access to open, wild and natural areas is an issue that should be of concern to all dog and people lovers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The goal at SFRAW is to support the health and well-being of everyone – all animals, humans and the environment.

Daily exposure to nature is one of the key components to SFRAW’s Aspects of A Healthy Pet Lifestyle. SFRAW was founded by a strong off-leash advocate and life-long environmentalist that worked for over a decade on this issue in San Francisco, and was past founder of a neighborhood off-leash group in San Francisco (if you’re curious: check out SFRAW Founder, Kasie Maxwell Grujcic​’s bio here).

SFRAW’s position is that it is important for us to all work together to support equitable off-leash access to trails/beaches and open natural areas for healthy recreational experiences with our best friends, our canine family members. As we become ever more disconnected to nature and congestion becomes more and more of an issue in the SF Bay Area, it is incredibly important to support every effort to protect and expand access to these special places in local and urban or urban-adjacent areas, even when it’s not necessarily in your own backyard/city or county.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to Open More San Mateo County Parks to Dog Walking!
by: Coastside DOG of San Mateo County

Protecting off-leash access to natural areas impacts the health and well-being of ALL dogs and their humans. Many of us visit San Mateo County for recreation with our dogs, so this may impact you and your dog directly. Conversely, many San Mateo folks come to other areas, such as San Francisco, because there simply aren’t enough good off leash spots in their own county.

Please support and join Coastside Dog!

It is important that we all support one another and protect/expand the shared recreational use of nature — access to these areas impacts the health of the environment and the individual, which has a direct impact on the health of society and culture. Having access to and spending time exploring/walking/playing in nature, benefits every being, especially our dogs! Please do what you can to attend, write a letter, share information and get the word out.