Our 2018 Thanksgiving Turkeys have Sold Out — but we DO have alternative options (reserve NOW!)

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Get ready for a whole new, unique turkey experience! 

Raised with care and expertise by the Moore Family in Granite Bay, CA. We’re extremely excited to have found this authentic Heritage breed truly pasture-raised turkey producer right here in California!

“The day we tasted the Bourbon Red for Thanksgiving, we were amazed by the delicious full flavor, the tender texture and the moistness of the breast meat. In taste test after taste test, the Heritage Birds easily win in all categories over conventional birds found in the supermarket. The Bourbon Red in particular is often chosen as the best tasting bird in numerous cook-offs.”

Our 2018 Heritage Breed Turkeys

* Exceptional True Turkey Flavor
* Naturally Smaller Size
* Rich Dark Meat; Balanced Breast Meat Ratio
* Truly Pasture Raised
* Foraged Diet on Pasture with Grasses/Seeds, Fresh Fruit, Melons, Greens and Barley (supplemental ranch-made bread to round out their diet)
* Allowed a Full Life to Forage, Mate, Breed, Brood, Fly and Roost
* Kind Birds that Raise Their Own Young
* Processed, Hand-dressed and Cleaned Under USDA Guidelines
* Arrive FRESH, Ready To Go into Your Oven
* Complete with Cooking Instructions and an Exclusive Fresh Herb Packet

1200px-Narragansett_Turkey,_maleThe Narragansett Turkey is considered the “original” early American turkey. Nearly extinct, once the mainstay of New England; excellent, rich, antique flavor.  7-lbs avg wt – Member price: $10/lb.

Bourbon Red TurkeyThe Bourbon Red Turkey provides an unbeatable flavor and traditional texture; this is the top choice gourmet bird for heritage poultry connoisseurs. 7-lbs avg wt – Member price: $10/lb.

Also available: Larger White Standard Turkeys raised in the same manner, but are more traditional in composition and flavor; larger breast meat ratio. For those entertaining a larger gathering, but still seek the finest quality. 16-18-lbs avg expected wt – Member price: $8/lb.

2018 Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit

Reservation for the best Thanksgiving turkey you will ever experience!


Please use the link to place a deposit via PayPal.  Please follow-up with an email (sfraw@sfraw.com), comment below, Facebook or Instagram direct message, in-person or call 415-225-0589 to review your request with us and to check on availability. Orders are not confirmed until we communicate with you directly — you will get the name of your bird for confirmation of your reservation for the requested size and type/breed!

Order Pick-up: The birds will be driven FRESH straight from the ranch over to SFRAW. They will arrive towards the end of day on Tuesday, November 20th (depends on traffic) and you can pick-up any time Wednesday, Nov 21 from 12-5pm.

Your balance is due upon pick-up on/after November 20th. We have named each bird this year. This year, you will be assigned a specifically named bird that has been reserved especially for you. Please be sure you pay and take home the correct turkey 🙂

Please let us now what day/time you would like to pick-up. We’re open regular hours Sunday-Wed 12-5pm during Thanksgiving week, but we’re CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day.  We will be open Friday, Nov 23rd from 9am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm, should you plan to pick-up after Thanksgiving Day.  They will remain safe and fresh in our walk-in cooler for several days.

What Makes These Birds Different: Even organic, natural, range-free and 4-H programs use commercial turkey breed varieties which have large breast meat and can weigh as much as 40lbs in as little as 14 weeks. This is the turkey of our time, but not the turkey of 50 years ago. The modern commercial turkey is a product of commercial demand. The birds cannot breed on their own and must depend on artificial insemination and incubator hatcheries. They are generally raised in large warehouse buildings with little space to roam; and exposure to the outdoors or a natural life is limited. Their lifespan is short, lasting under 9 months with many fatalities due to stroke, cancer, kidney failure and heart disease.


Heritage turkeys are unique in their structure and their lives. Both the Bourbon Red and the Narragansett are very old heritage breeds and are on the Livestock Conservancy’s “WATCH” List. These amazing birds are beautiful, breed naturally, brood their own clutches of eggs and are careful mothers that cherish and protect their young. They are excellent foragers and are extremely gentle and kind. They are an important part in sustainable farming practices and species preservation. They live long, productive, healthy lives lasting anywhere from 5-12 years depending on the breed and gender. They can fly and roost and live with their all of their instincts to the fullest. Our turkeys eat a natural diet filled with grasses, fresh fruit, melons, greens and barley. They are much slower to mature, taking nearly 7 months, but will bring a delight to your table without being injected, brined, deep fried or full of salted nitrate solutions.

Our small flock of birds range in size from 7-18 lbs and sell out quickly. Heritage turkeys have incredible flavor and are more even in the amount of dark and white meat. We have two of the finest breeds to choose from, both the top two in taste tests across the country.