Reverse Aging Through Nutrition! (Yep, It’s a Thing – Really!) Meet Jackson: An Inspiring Example of Another Senior Transformed & Healed by SFRAW Foods!


Handsome Jackson was adopted/rescued by one of our wonderful members, Alice Locke (outstanding trainer/behaviorist and owner of Go Ask Alice Dog Training) and her wife, Jenny Sparks last September.  Over the past 6 months, he has made an incredible transformation!

BEFORE: Notice how terribly swollen and inflamed his skin and body was – all over.

Jackson was adopted as a senior rescue in poor shape. In rescue, he received conventional medical treatment, kindness, foster love, and processed “high quality” food in an effort to rectify his poor body condition and many health issues – without much success or improvement.

Thankfully, Jackson’s life changed dramatically once he was adopted and landed in the most ideal home possible!  Jackson was immediately switched to SFRAW’s Beef Grind and taken off all medications/treatments, to allow his body the opportunity to heal through the power of his own vital force, love, patience, daily exercise in natural areas, a toxic-free home, and exceptional nutrition. We removed all barriers to his healing by eliminating all medications/treatments and exposure to things that would impact his vital force’s ability to recover. We just focused on seeing just what his body could do on it’s own, when simply given the chance to heal and recover with love and good, clean, wholesome REAL fresh food.

The switch to raw went pretty easily – especially for a senior – but the road to recovery was daunting at times.  The very first improvement we noticed was in his overall brighter, happier energy, stamina and demeanor. This was one of the most dramatic changes; he became like a different dog — so much more energy and interest in the world. Because his energy and overall demeanor only continued to improve over time, we knew that we were on the right track. Had his energy and demeanor not improved, we may have done things differently — but this was a good indication that he was improving on an energetic and nutritional level. I knew if given time and patience, that that the external signs would improve as well.

Red, inflamed skin with sores, discoloration and scaling; a flaky, dry, dull, balding, thin coat.

While his energy and condition of his coat improved pretty quickly (growing hair and less smelly/flaky/greasy), they had some difficulties along the way.  It took time for his gut to heal/return to balance, and for his weight/muscle to achieve optimal fitness, but they never gave up and genuinely trusted in the power of good food, good care and Jackson’s powerful vital force.

I’m so glad they didn’t lose hope during the times when he experienced diarrhea, or when his coat got really flaky, or when his weight was just not budging/gaining as quickly as they had hoped at first.  It took some months for him to look 100%, but the end result is clearly worth it.

Now they have a “senior” dog with a stronger immune system and a vital force that was able to establish balance in the body.

Now they have a healthy, vital, much younger acting and looking dog!


Jackson is so handsome with his bright white and shiny black, thick healthy coat; his weight is JUST RIGHT — trim and fit as can be!  All the inflammation is GONE; his digestion/elimination has normalized and stabilized; he can really MOVE now — his mobility and energy has completely changed — he is happy, healthy, active, full of energy and vigor!

Jackson is acting and feeling years younger than he was months ago!


POSTSCRIPT from SFRAW’s Founder, Kasie

Senior Transformations – Don’t Give Up!

I’ve been doing this for a long time now – caring for animals my entire life and raw feeding/Naturally Rearing since 1989. For many years, my primary focus was on hospice/end of life care and the rescue/rehabilitation of animals with difficult health challenges.

I have witnessed, time and time again, what can only be described as “reverse aging” – this is what can occur when we simply provide the right conditions for animals to heal themselves!


It is INCREDIBLE to witness — decrepit, sick, broken, tired, ancient animals you think have reached the end months or years of their lives can be dramatically revived/transformed when we simply provide 100% nutrient-dense wholesome real FRESH foods & eliminate some common barriers to healing (medications, treatments, “preventatives”, vaccines, etc.). In my experience, a great number of these animals can go on to live healthy, happy and vibrant lives.

What I want people to know, while incredible, stories like Jackson’s are actually *not so rare* from what we obverse and experience here at SFRAW.

We are honored and inspired to witness these types of truly awesome, inspiring transformations frequently — especially with the elder animals that were never given this chance previously in their long lifetimes of being inhibited/suppressed or damaged by conventional medical treatments, routine preventatives, and processed foods.

It is true, of course, that some individuals simply are unable to mount a response or make a big improvement like Jackson has, and we’re not always able to achieve these results, of course. But, if you have an animal that has been suffering, or you fall in love with an older animal in rescue and worry that their health might be too much of a challenge to recover from, please know that there IS hope and you CAN heal your animals with the right nutrition and when you eliminate typical barriers that may prevent their ability to heal.

Yes, healing requires patience, fortitude and commitment — but, as Jackson, Alice, Jenny’s story so clearly shows, it’s SO WORTH IT!

Don’t give up — sometimes just a change to the right nutrition and time is all you need to get a whole new, happier, healthier, younger feeling and looking dog or cat!  (This goes for humans, too!)