Member Profiles: Christine Emery & her “superstar naturel” Beauceron Hogan!


hoganMember Christine Emery, has been feeding raw since 2008 and joined SFRAW January of 2013. She does herding and agility, plus mud and obstacle races with Hogan, her 4 year old Naturally Reared/Raw Fed (+ natural ears) Beauceron.

hoganelliotHer family also includes, Sammy 13 year old Havanese, and Elliott 11 year old Catalina Macaw.  She feeds a mostly prey model style diet, with the addition of supplements such as our “Vitality Blend”, probiotics as necessary, and the occasional piece of fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. Her dogs are completely healthy, enjoy exceptional vitality and balanced bodies, minds & temperaments thanks to their 100% raw diets.  She is committed to purchasing exclusively truly pastured, grass-finished and/or organic ingredients and foods for herself and her animals – becasue it is so much healthier and tastes better, too!

Hogan is a beautiful ambassador for Natural Rearing/Raw Feeding and has accomplished so much by the age of 4 years including these amazing current titles:

  • AKC Agility Excellent Standard
  • AKC Agility Excellent Jumpers
  • AKC Herding Started Sheep Master
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • ASCA Started Sheep
  • ASCA Started Cattle

WOW! Go Hogan!!! We are in awe and so impressed by Christine & Hogan’s beautiful realtionship. Christine uses force-free handling/training techniques – and it has seriously paid off with how well they work together to achieve such amazing results!  What a team!


Check out this YouTube video of them doing agility to see them in action together! 🙂