*WINNING* Weekend for SFRAW Members + Oct Member Referral $100 Shopping Spree Winner!

We were amazed to see all the cool posts on Facebook/Instagram over the weekend from our members doing outstanding things with their dogs.  Please join us in celebrating and congratulating the following SFRAW members that had these impressive achievements made by our members over this past weekend:

Hurrah for Halley our new Champion, and to Susan for whom Halley will do anything. Photo credit: Gary Ellis

Joyful news from our dear friends and long-time SFRAW members, Gary Ellis and Susan Schroder, who finished their gorgeous Halley who was winners bitch at the SCOA Regional and GSFSC (Saluki) Specialty in Pleasanton, CA!



Juliette Noh’s dog, “super” Cooper won his championship in agility — very well done Cooper!

14700807_1194681617241687_6513762983641467441_oZero (the *blind* Aussie) and Dianne Morey achieved 2nd place at the Splash Dogs National Championship Finals in Las Vegas, NV!

14724554_1030050143760274_8822900434408774356_nDonna Highstreet’s beautiful, Naturally Reared Logan earned his ASCA Agility Trial Championship (ATCH) at the NNASC trial in Carson City, NV.

We are so impressed with all these people and their dogs doing such cool things – we recognize that all of these various achievements are attainable only after a great deal of hard work and dedication.  Hats off!

SFRAW Member Referral Card Drawing Winner! Speaking of winners, congratulations to SFRAW member, Betty Wong for being the lucky winner of this month’s SFRAW $100 shopping spree (chosen via random monthly drawing).

Our referral card program is a great way to spread the word about SFRAW and raw feeding and you get a chance to win our monthly drawing, too!

And good luck to Stormy and Betty this coming weekend when they will be competing again after their volunteer shift at SFRAW. As you can see below, Stormy and Betty have had some very impressive wins already! Hope the winning streak continues! 🙂



All Current SFRAW Members are eligible: simply write your name on the card, give them to friends as an invitation to shop at SFRAW for a one-time 30% off discount.

When we get the card from your referral at the point of purchase, we will enter your member card into a monthly drawing for a **$100 credit** to shop at SFRAW!

Many of you have dogs/cats that are incredible ambassadors of raw feeding & living endorsements of the power of raw feeding – this prompts conversation about raw feeding or SFRAW with friends and acquaintances. To support this, we decided to also include a listing of the “Benefits of Raw Feeding” on the back of the card.

Thanks to our members for spreading the word about raw feeding, helping animals to get healthier by eating whole, fresh, REAL foods, and supporting SFRAW!