Abundance of GOOD news! OPEN Tomorrow & Sunday!!

The most amazing things happened yesterday & today. Thanks to this incredible community, a huge/tremendous effort of labor and hard work from a few very key wonderful people, and thanks to all the donations we received, we are BACK IN BUSINESS!  Thanks to you, we are now:

* 100% cleaned-up and decontaminated

IMPORTANT NOTE: With the exception of a few cases of products (which we brought to the dump along with 1,000 lbs of destroyed goods/equipment), our food products were NOT impacted by the flood waters!  Thankfully, everything was up high enough on shelves that it was well away from the flood waters. The very first thing we did was move everything over to a cold stage facility nearby, so we could shut down the freezers and power wash/decontaminate every inch of the freezer/cooler, all shelving, tables, mats, walls, chairs, and floors of the entire warehouse. Deliveries of fresh inventory were all re-routed to this facility for the past few days while we got everything cleaned-up in here and back in good working order. Our freezers/coolers have not looked this clean in a few years – it’s sparkling clean in the walk-ins! You should come check it out 🙂

* We got all of our inventory returned to us on pallets, and then loaded back into the freezer & cooler at 4pm today.

* We were able to purchase and set-up new hardware/software (thanks to your donations!!) and our back-up drive was recovered by 6pm tonight – not next week as originally speculated. (We literally jumped up and down in a group hug over this news!)

As of this minute — we’re 100% back in operation!  We’re right this minute grinding fresh chicken formula, chicken grind, lamb formula & lamb grind that will be FRESH & ready for you all tomorrow! We also have FRESH veggies for sale.  Broth should be ready by Sunday — we’ll get that going in the am, first thing.

We only have a minor hassle issue with printing sales receipts to the small printer at the POS register (the AC adapter for the printer is unusual and needs to be ordered online — was damaged in the flood), but we can print to regular printer and regular paper OK.

We’ll be OPEN to serve you tomorrow and Sunday — please come and celebrate this tremendous effort and achievement with us! If I can get it together, I’ll try to have vegan coconut milk hot cocoa or spiced cider available to you by tomorrow afternoon. We want you to know how much we appreciate what you helped us to achieve by supporting us through this most serious crisis, and helping us get back on our feet so that we can operate again, in a **matter of days** — absolutely incredible!

You guys did it– we really really did it together!  We made it through something that had the very real possibility of taking us out for good and we pulled through it — and fast.

I’m so overwhelmed with how everything happened so fast and came together so incredibly — this is such an amazing group. We are SO lucky to have one another —  I am in total awe of the power and spirit of our special community.

Thank You!!!  Thank You!!! Thank You!!!


Nik power washing the freezer.
Nik power washing the freezer.
Cooler emptied & sprayed with cleaning solution, but not yet power washed.
Cooler emptied & sprayed with cleaning solution, but not yet power washed.
Mid-cleaning snapshot from yesterday…
Everything pulled out of the warehouse & ready to clean/power wash. Photo taken after the dump run.
Office mid-cleaning, taken yesterday.
Tonight — moving products in, and starting production of our grinds.
Inventory moved back into the cleaned walk-in cooler tonight.
Product replaced in the cooler.
YAY! Fresh lamb necks, lamb breasts, FRESH chicken, FRESH MSF ground PORK (Shari – this is for you!:), BN Ranch beef goodies & Liberty Duck. We’re back in business starting tomorrow!! 🙂 Amazing!!!