SFRAW -> California State Dept. Food & Agriculture’s Newest Food Manufacturing Facility: Establishment No A-281

cdfa_logo_v_300We got our establishment number!  YAY! This is a huge deal and we’re super excited about it. Still awaiting final word on when we can resume sales & manufacturing of *SFRAW brand* products – but we hope to hear back today. Fingers crossed….

To review where we currently stand:

Third party laboratory chemical water analysis – done
Third party sewage & waste management documentation, confirmation of services & review – done
General facility inspection, documentation & review – done
Procedures & operations documentation & review – done
Employee records review – done
Analysis, formulation and labelling requirements for each fresh/frozen product produced by SFRAW – done

The last week has been grueling, but the process for our state licensing looks like it’s finally nearing completion! We have been assigned and granted our establishment number, which is very exciting – however, there are some final details we still must work to complete before we are allowed to resume producing and selling our foods. Fingers crossed we will get good news later this morning and by Thursday we’ll be able to sell from our current inventory and produce fresh Turkey Formula/Grind & Beef Formula/Grind this week using BN Ranch’s most excellent and exceptional meats.

Unfortunately, this has been an extremely costly endeavor for us – especially with the loss in sales last weekend, and the many fees involved in the process we are going through. Thank you to everyone that came out last week to support us by shopping at SFRAW. We will really need your support in the next few weeks to recover some of these losses – if you can make the time to stop in this week to shop, that will really help. We will do our best to have a beautiful selection of fresh inventory and other delectables (organic dark chocolates, Kombucha, etc.) for sale – all the usual goodies such as Petaluma Poultry Chicken, Diestel Turkey, Liberty Ducks, Prather Ranch (sorry, no pet grind), Marin Sun Farms (sorry, no pet grind), BN Ranch, C&M Lamb & Goat, Brandon Bison, Pastoral Plate bacon/sausage, etc., EcoPawz, Hare-Today, RAWR, GreenTripe, Royal Hawaiian Seafood, and much more will all be in stock.

We will let you know as soon as we get the good & final (fingers crossed) news – just wanted to provide our members with an update on the process and where we stand as of this morning.

Thank you so much for your continued support during what has been a challenging, but exciting, period for SFRAW  – without your support and continued referrals to new members/friends & family, we recognize that would not be here at all. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our very grateful and humble hearts.  We try our best to serve you and your animals in the most noble manner possible by sourcing & producing the absolute best foods and by nurturing this incredible community through our different programs. We look forward to this newest chapter with your continued involvement.

With Much Gratitude,

Kasie Maxwell

SFRAW / Rara Avis
250 Napoleon Street, Unit G
San Francisco, CA 94124
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F: 866-332-2698