SFRAW’s Latest Grind: RABBIT!

Member pricing:
16 oz container $9.65
32 oz container $18.40
5-lb bag $44.50
For dogs and cats; medium grind of fresh, locally produced whole dressed rabbits with organs.
These rabbits are handled according to American Humane Association, Animal Welfare Institute and California Humane Slaughter standards.
Much of this production run went to fill pre-orders, but we will have a limited supply available for sale when we open at 9am.
We’ll be doing this again ASAP — we’re looking for more rabbits that are raised with a lot of care.
On our Facebook page, someone asked “Why Rabbit?” and we answered with the following – we hope you find this information useful.
Rabbit is an excellent source of superior nutrition for cats & dogs – a lean, species appropriate meat with an “almost ideal fatty acid ratio of 4:1 omega-6 to beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.” Read more here. Rabbits are one of the more ideal foods for felines, in particular — cats would never hunt and consume any of the large herbivores (cows, lamb, goats, pigs) by nature; the most species appropriate foods for cats are small prey like birds & rodents/cavy.  If your cat enjoys beef, lamb, pork, etc. – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with felines eating these animals/meats, but most cats will prefer eating a variety of small prey instead (some even refuse the other meats entirely), and it does make biological sense for them to have this preference.
Hare Hunting (Roman Mosaic) Roman Art Civic Museum, Oderzo, Italy
Hare Hunting (Roman Mosaic) Roman Art Civic Museum, Oderzo, Italy
Rabbits are less expensive ecologically and environmentally to raise, by comparison to cattle, lamb, pork, etc. because of how much space, food & water they require, and how quickly they mature & reproduce. They are herbivores that forage on local foods/grasses & scraps and they can be raised (and found in nature) almost anywhere on the planet. As explained in more detail in this article, “Rabbits have a much smaller carbon footprint than other animals because they convert calories into pounds more efficiently.”
Yes, food allergies and intolerances are also a reason why we buy/sell rabbit meat — many animals require a lean, novel protein and rabbit fills this need nicely. Rabbit has unique properties when considering the TCM qualities of different foods/food therapy. Rabbit is a great winter food, perfect for the upcoming season. There are dogs & cats that have been “prescribed” rabbit by their TCM veterinarians to keep their systems in balance. Read more about this here.
There are a lot of great reasons why we include rabbit in our pets’ diets and why we sell it at SFRAW. That being said, when feeding any “exclusive protein” or highly restricted diets for a long period of time, there are possible nutritional pitfalls or dangers with any mono-diet programs that need to be addressed. When feeding exclusively rabbit for long periods of time, we recommend supplementing with beneficial fats (such as pastured lard, tallow, duck fat, fish oils, coconut oil, etc.), L-taurine, B-vitamins (egg yolks, nutritional yeast or a B-50 supplement), vitamin E, and trace minerals (oysters/clams, seaweed or another natural source). This is particularly important when the rabbit is served ground or has been frozen. Freshly killed (still warm), whole rabbits, served fully intact (head/feet/fur included) are truly ideal for our dogs & cats, but this is not practical (or palatable) for most people. If you feed a variety of foods in the diet, this type of supplementation should not be of concern.