Pastoral Plate Now Offering SFRAW Branded Treats, Formulas, Grinds & Meals


SFRAW brand formula, treats, grinds & meals are now available through the Pastoral Plate website!

Check it out:

We’re thrilled to announce this exciting update with our strategic partner & good friends. Now people that source exceptional, local food for their family can purchase exceptional fresh food & snacks for their four-legged family members, as well.




Special note to SFRAW members: You’ll start to see the SFRAW (and Rara Avis — yes, working on bringing all the herbals back!) branded line of products out and about in more wonderful and like-minded locations/outlets, as we expand this aspect of our business. Please don’t be concerned for how this will impact you as a member; nothing is changing for our members at the warehouse or online. In fact, this type of growth is our plan for how we will effectively sustain and support the heart & soul of SFRAW: our members & buyer’s group. As long as you purchase through us directly, SFRAW members will continue to receive the special perks of membership – discounted member pricing, access to the full catalog of the buyer’s group/ordering & delivery, continued expert mentoring/education/support, camaraderie with all the amazing members that make up our awesome buyer’s group, etc.

Please support our continued efforts to make SFRAW a truly viable and sustainable operation by helping us with this expansion – let us know about any cool local businesses where you’d like to see our products on the shelf & encourage people to shop locally at these great small businesses.