Thanksgiving Turkey Orders: Local “Beyond Organic” from Bill and Nicolette Niman in Bolinas, CA

We last took special orders for BN Ranch turkeys in 2010 and they were a huge hit – everyone loved these turkeys! My meat-eating family said it was the best turkey they have ever had in their entire lives & it has become legendary already (second only to a vegan pumpkin coconut soup I made almost 10 years ago) — wow!

Please find details on ordering and the source/producer below. This information is from our shopping cart page. Please place orders for thanksgiving turkeys separately from your regular orders:

We don’t have final order cut-off or pick-up date information just yet, but we will let people know when the delivery/pick-up will happen ASAP so you can plan around this. Last time it was as follows:

ORDER DEADLINE & ORDER PICK-UP: The order deadline is this THURS., NOV. 15th (end of day, at midnight). Turkey orders will be delivered FRESH to pick-up on the same day: TUES., NOV. 20th at the SFRAW San Francisco warehouse location. The pick-up time is TBD, but it will most likely be from 12-5pm.

BN Ranch

“We are a grass based ranch that raises totally pasture raised cattle, heritage turkeys, and (sometimes) goats. We use NO pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers on our land. We do NO irrigation. We use NO ground water or municipal water. We use NO hormones on our animals and never feed antibiotics or any other drugs to our animals. Our meat is sold under the name BN Ranch.

Our BN Ranch turkeys are tender white birds that we raise ourselves, always humanely. Once they are old enough, they are free range outside in the fresh air every day. Their diet is vegetarian and they are never fed antibiotics or growth promoters. You have my word. – Bill Niman, BN Ranch, Bolinas, CA”

Truly free-ranged from the time they are six-weeks old on pasture Natural, drug-free diets allow for a natural/slower growth rate Humanely handled at all times In processing, only air chilling, the safest and best method Exclusively from BN Ranch in Bolinas, these birds grow up slowly in local pastures and are raised by masters of the craft. They’re slaughtered under direct supervision of a BN Ranch partner and air-chilled – a safer process that makes for superior quality meat. The turkeys we are offering are hard to find, and incomparably delicious.

This year we have a limited supply of two different types of turkeys:

Heritage Turkey: Truly the best turkey available anywhere. As descendents of five distinct, old breeds – Standard Bronze, Narragansett, Bourbon Red, White Holland, and Spanish Black – these are birds with excellent heritage genetics. They produce succulent, exceptionally flavorful meat, and are free roaming and fed all-natural, vegetarian feeds.

Broad Breasted Turkey: These are free roaming and fed all-natural, vegetarian feeds. The broad breasted turkey takes much less time to mature and is a good bird for lovers of white meat. It’s raised according to the same careful standards as the heritage breeds.

NOTE: The prices listed below are to put a deposit down for an average weight per bird estimate. You will pay the balance due (or refund back what is owed to you) for the actual bird you end up with upon pick-up on a price per lb. basis. PRICE: Heritage turkeys = $7.38/lb; Broad Breasted turkeys = $4.20/lb. We can purchase & sell at a lower price per pound if we sell over 25 birds for our group!

Heritage Turkey, 7-10 lbs. $62.73

Heritage Turkey, 10-13 lbs. $84.87

Heritage Turkey, 13-15 lbs. $103.32

Heritage Turkey, 15-18 lbs. $121.77

Broad Breasted Turkey, 12-15 lbs. $56.70

Broad Breasted Turkey, 15-18 lbs. $69.30

Broad Breasted Turkey, 18-21 lbs. $81.90

Here’s the link to order:

Thank you for choosing to support SFRAW and BN Ranch, a local producer that focuses on sustainability, pastured ranching, and humane handling for your special holiday meal.

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